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Greetings from a new follower! Empty Greetings from a new follower!

on Tue Sep 18, 2018 11:11 pm
Hi guys,

Just registered and wanted to say "Hi!"

looks like this is the right place for me, as for a while I've been trying to build my own FFB yoke and throttle.

I will closely follow this project and share some ideas I've been going through.

I like the idea of using the v-slot, I myself went this way but used a single v-slot rail and combined the gantry with tooth rail plus large toothwheel on the Y-pot axis.
Didn't much like the result although it worked.

Next I am replacing the sprocket system with GT2 belt, this way it's much easier to add one NEMA17 stepper to control the movement.

will post pictures once done.


Very Happy
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Greetings from a new follower! Empty Re: Greetings from a new follower!

on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:21 am
Hi Stefan and welcome to the forum.
I was also considering rack and pinion system for the pitch axis however I didn't think it would feel right. Belts are in my humble opinion best way to transfer the forces.
How are you planing to interface NEMA17 steppers with your FS PC?
I'm not entirely sure that steppers are the right candidates for FFB application but I'm really interested to hear any ideas about how to "drive" these.
Looking forward to see the pics.

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