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on Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:13 am
Thanks, Jay.
We have built 2x simulators at our virtual club at Ysterplaat Air Force base, Cape Town.
We have an Avro Shackleton sim, built on a trailor, using an actual canopy, seats, pedals, yoke & throttle quadrant, using a screen in front for the panel, & a projector for the scenery.
Then we have an Impala, as it is called in South Africa. This is an AeroMacci MB326, that our Air Force used as a trainer, a twin seater, built in an actual fuselage, actual controls, but using 2x screens at the rear for panel & scenery, a screen in the front for a panel, & a large screen perched on the nose for scenery.

We are actually using FS2004! Also with freeware scenery for South Africa, with the Shackleton Project plane, & a freeware MB326, tweaked.

We know we have done good, when we watch real pilots 'bump' in the seats, anticipating a touch down.
We have gone for immersion, as compared to realism.

Our next project at hand is a Harvard sim. We got given a 25 year old sim that was one of 3 purchased by the Air Force about 25-26 years ago. They were nick-named Tom, Dick & Harry. We have Tom!
It was made by an American company called 'Frasca'. Unfortunatly, we had to strip it down, as the hardware was too old to revive. We pulled all the gauges & will be putting in a screen behind the bulkhead. The onboard computer was unique to the sim, with plug in boards , wire wrapped. It was designed as a procedural sim & had a second PC for wireline graphics. We could never find this PC. It is built into a generic cockpit shell, also with real controls.

Anyhow, thanks for your quick reply.

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Re: Simulators

on Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:23 pm
wow that sounds impressive Robin..
Do you maybe wanna share some pics in "Showcase your pit" section? Wink

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